Everything You Need To Know about Instagram Ad Features


With the growing usage of mobile phones, the marketers have shifted their focus on visual marketing. One of the best options is to invest in Instagram ads. As Instagram has launched Instagram Ads in late 2015, marketers have got the opportunity to market their products to Instagram’s 700+ million users.

In order to create mass awareness and enhance website sales, Instagram offers incredible features to marketers. But as Instagram is introducing more and more features, the competition is becoming intense.

Therefore, I would like to help you in getting started with Instagram Ads. Also, with the introduction of Shoppable Instagram tool in late 2016, it has given a notion that soon Instagram is going to converge with e-Commerce.

5 Instagram Ad Features that you need to know

1. Your Instagram Ad needs to be promoted directly from mobile

Usually people create Instagram story Ads through Facebook’s Ad Manager or the Power Editor. But you can boost an already created Ad post on mobile. This will help you have easy audience gathering on Instagram. For this you don’t have to log in to Facebook and create an Ad in Ads Manager; with the options — Reach, Mobile App Installs, Conversions, etc. This is a wonderful solution to promote your Instagram Ad.

The process of ad creation is very easy and you can customize the target audience. Also, you can leave the choice of target audience to Instagram and let it optimize for the audience that would be interested in your content.

QL Tip: The first thing to be done before creating an Ad is to set an objective for your Ad story.

Further, all your posts will be attached with a button for promotion at the bottom. Once you’ll click, it will give you variety of options to choose; such as budget, duration of promotion, CTAs, destination URL etc. Also, you can choose whether you would like to run your Ad as single image or video.

2. Make CTAs of your Ad attractive

Instagram Ads have similar choices of call-to-action as Facebook. We all know the effectiveness of the clickable CTAs on Facebook. But with the enhanced CTAs provided by Instagram, the effectiveness of the Ad stories increases.

It is seen that the text written on Ad is very small and have the label “Sponsored”, therefore, it usually goes un-noticed. The businesses should try to incorporate larger text in the ADs.

Also, the ads appear for a short duration and the user is expected to forget. Therefore, whenever you make an Ad, make sure you include engaging content in your Ad which have a long lasting impact on the viewers’ mind. The text on your Ad should be clear and large with the exact idea where to find you afterwards.

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